Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are We Making a Difference?

This morning I ran into my friend Trish at church.  I hadn't seen her in several weeks and now that she's working, she is no longer able to attend our Tuesday morning Beth Moore Bible Study class (fortunately, she is able make it to the evening session).  She was telling me about her new job and how a co-worker (who is also a Believer in our Lord Jesus Christ) told her that she could tell that there was something "different" about Trish.  She could see it in her attitude at work and when talking to clients.  Trish was elated that people could see the difference in her.  Since this was the first job she's had since rededicating her life to Jesus, she wanted others to see that knowing Him does make a difference in her life; Trish wants the light of Jesus to so shine through her that there will be no doubt Who she loves and Who she serves.  I told her that I wasn't surprised that others could see her enthusiam and love for our Lord as it is clearly evident! 

She doesn't know it, but Trish gave me food for thought and greatly encouraged me this morning.  There are times I've wondered if people can see the difference in me.  I have a tendency to focus more on what I lack instead of what God in His great mercy and great grace has given me - and what He enables me to do.  Part of that is the faith to trust Him and lean on Him when I'm unable to do whatever it is on my own.  Sometimes I'm impatient and too quick to say something before thinking it through.  Then I become frustrated and regretful.  I have to ask the Lord to forgive me and help me to pause and pray before I speak!  And as I've always found to be true, just as soon as I stop trying to do things in my own "power" and begin to depend upon Him to work through me, that is when I become a powerful witness for Jesus and an instrument for His use. 

So I'm just saying all this to say be encouraged in your daily walk with the Lord.  If you have a heart for God, love Him, trust Him and live a life of daily obedience to Him, you'll find that you are making a difference. Simple?  Yes it can be, but oftentimes I need a reminder from a friend like Trish.  Thank you, Trish.  May the Lord continue to use you and minister through you at work and at home.  I'm praying for you.

Here is my little Penguin Christmas card I'm working on.  The front is complete, but I need to finish the inside: