Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude, Day 6 (The Future)

When I was taking my "prayer" walk this morning, it was impressed upon me that I have much to thank the Lord for regarding the future He has planned for me.  None of us knows what our future holds, but we know Who holds our future.  Because of this, we can face tomorrow with confidence and hope, knowing our God has good plans for us.  Most of us know the verse from Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." This verse has sustained me and encouraged me during times I've been discouraged and wondered if my dreams for tomorrow will ever come to pass. 

Future personal plans:  I have been encouraged to know that our plans for moving into a townhouse this coming Spring look very hopeful.  We have already spoken to a leasing agent about it, have been taken to view a model townhouse and only have to wait until late January to get things moving.  (Our wait is due to the lease on our tower apt. not being up until April of 2012.  The late January date gives the agent time to begin the search for a townhouse for us so that we can be ready to move by early April).  This has lifted my spirits and given me something to look forward to that both Craig and I have wanted for a long time.  After having lived in apts. since moving to Los Angeles in 1973, you can imagine that having a small patch of ground for a patio and backyard and inviting friends over for a barbecue would be a new and fun thing to envision. 

Future ministry plans:  It was first revealed to me in October of 2010 the specific area of ministry the Lord was leading me to.  For many years, I did various types of volunteer work at my church and have enjoyed all of them, especially greeting the congregation and visitors as they entered the sanctuary on Sunday mornings.  But deep down there was a part of me that hungered to know what I was really called to do.  Last year, I began working in Women's Ministries at my church and then there was no doubt ~ this is it, I said ~ this is what I've been waiting for; thank You, Lord!  I've always had a heart for encouraging women and ministering to them in whatever way I can.  In June of this year, I created my own website for Christian Women.  Because I feel the Lord's leading in other directions, I will be closing the site at the end of this month but it's been a wonderful 6 months of sharing prayers and fellowship with some wonderful, godly women.  Currently, I am hosting a prayer group on a site geared to women and friendships that is run by a dear fellow sister in the Lord.  I am seeing my dreams unfold daily and truly believe that the Lord has other opportunities for me in the months and years ahead.  I would eventually like to have a local ladies Bible study in my home, but I will pursue that more seriously when we move and have more space.  Until then, I am waiting on God and His will and timing in all that I do. And every day I am thankful for all that He's opened up to me thus far.

When you begin to feel uncertain about tomorrow, remember that Jesus has gone ahead of you, preparing the way.  We have no reason to doubt or fear the days to come.  Rather, we have great reason to live in expectation and anticipation of what lies ahead.  No matter what we may face, Jesus is with us, ever present and leading us forward.  He wants only the best for us!  But most important of all is this:  we have a future that is eternal.  We have a heavenly home that is being prepared for us.  And someday we'll go to live there, to spend all of eternity with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  What a future to look forward to!

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I Know Who Holds Tomorrow