Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keepsakes and Mementos

Here is the last, but not least, of my special Christmas ornaments.  A doctor I used to work with gave this to me back in 1992. He went to England to visit his brother and bought this little pillow ornament at Harrods Dept. Store in London. On the back is embroidered the date and name of the store.  Dr. Williams passed away this past year and I'm so glad I have this little memento to remember him by; he was a good friend and I'll always having special memories of the years we worked together. 

I've been considering the word memento today.  One of its definitions is keepsake.  I have many souvenirs or keepsakes that family/friends have given me through the years that they've brought back from their travels here and abroad and I've given away my fair share of items; just a little something from a trip here or there that I've picked up and think they might like to have.  But I think the real mementos we give others are the intangible ones; the gift of ourselves.  I like to call them "Living Mementos."  This might include taking the time to listen when someone needs a friend to talk to, spending quality time together with family, taking a home cooked meal or treat to someone who is ill, or offering a word of encouragement to a discouraged friend.  Aren't these the real keepsakes?  I'll be looking to gather and give away lots of mementos this Christmas.  I hope you will, too!

Here's a favorite memento given to me by my Aunt Joy several years ago.  It's a very special keepsake, one that I'll always treasure, as she is now with the Lord.  I like to think of her every time I pour a cup of tea from this little pot.  I have wonderful memories of the times we spent together, our long distance phone calls and most of all, our shared laughter.