Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Brevity of Life

I'm feeling sad today.  My friend Kristine's sister-in-law passed away a few days ago and her funeral was held today.  I didn't know Janelle, but I felt I did because I read her blogs on a daily basis.  Janelle was 53 years old and had a brain tumor.  She hadn't been able to post for the past 3 months, so her husband began to give weekly updates on her condition.  She knew that unless God chose to heal her here on earth, she would be healed by going Home to be with Him.  I was inspired by her upbeat and encouraging posts and looked forward to reading them every day.  She would usually post a Psalm and expand on it by adding a personal word of what that particular one meant to her and how it helped her to trust Jesus and to know that whatever happened, her life was in His hands.  She knew that He was in control of her life.  She was so brave and lived life to the fullest.  Even when she was so ill, she focused on the positives in her life and most of all on the goodness of God.  She loved Jesus with all her heart and dearly loved her husband and two children.  My heart goes out to them during this time.  I know they are hurting, but they take comfort in knowing that Janelle's 9 month struggle is over now and she is with her beloved Savior. 

Learning of Janelle's passing has made me think about the brevity of life.  If you were to look up the word brevity in the dictionary, its primary definition would say "noun. 1. shortness of time or duration; briefness: the brevity of human life".   And isn't that so?  I Peter 1:24 says, "For all men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall."  But if we read the following verse, we see that "... the word of the Lord stands forever."  We are here such a short time, friends.  This life is just a blimp on the radar screen, but even so I want my life to count for something.  When I stand before God I want to hear Him say those words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."  (Matthew 25:23). 

Let's hold our loved ones close today.  We aren't promised tomorrow, but praise God we are given His promise of a glad reunion day with those we love who know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  I so appreciate each day that the Lord has given me and will do my best with His help to live each day with gladness of heart, no matter what comes, knowing that I'm on a short journey here but my true home is in heaven.  We'll experience no more pain, sorrow or separation, but will spend an eternity with Jesus and those we love. 

Thank You, Jesus, that though we must say goodbye to our loved ones for a little while, we will meet them again one day soon.  Help us to value each day, to remember that our time here on earth is short but we have all of eternity to look forward to with You.  May we appreciate each new day and live with hearts that overflow with gratitude for You and for all Your many blessings.  Be with those who have recently lost someone near and dear to them.  Bring hope, healing and comfort to them and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.  In Your most holy and precious Name I pray, Amen.